Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This is How it Works: Miami-Dade County Gets Raped by MDX, the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority

This is How It Works: Miami-Dade County Getting Continually Raped by MDX

The 826 in Miami-Dade County Northbound,
early afternoon, June 17, 2014
I always told my students at FIU that it isn’t all about the what, though the what is important, it’s largely about the how.  And I stick to the substance of that mantra even today.  So, today as I drove -- I was barely driving; I was mostly just sitting in traffic, fuming -- North on the 826 in Miami-Dade County, I decided that I NEEDED to write this blog post.  All communication is about the person who offers it.  I get that.  But I hope that this communication will genuinely contribute to the individual and collective lives of my fellow travelers who have pitched their tents in Miami-Dade County during this time.

I want you to consider an unpleasant parable and an “inconvenient truth” (with respects to Al Gore).  First the parable.  You’re driving down a sparsely populated road and your engine overheats.  Triple-A and the Road Runners don’t go out that far.  You decide to hitch a ride and immediately a very nice, expensive car pulls up.  The guy behind the wheel is the same guy that raped your sister [gender and orientation not important; you get the idea].  Convincing yourself that you have no other option, you jump in the car with this guy, close the door, and drive off with him.  Before arriving at the next town, your destination, he rapes you.

The inconvenient truth in US American law is that the sole, legal purpose for a corporation to exist, unless designated otherwise, is to increase profits.  Period.  The laws of individual states in the US with regard to corporations are very liberal with regard to how corporations are permitted to make money and increase their profits.  Please take a moment and wrap your mind around that one.

Here’s the situation.  Miami-Dade County residents are being raped up, down, and sideways by MDX, The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority.  Their name sounds like a legit government entity working in an altruistic manner for the public trust, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not.  They are a for-profit, private corporation that does not have to answer to residents, citizens, and the precious few who vote.  They use our public money to turn a profit for themselves and to advance only their private, corporate interests.

What does that mean?  It means that it is not in the best interest MDX to solve Miami-Dade County’s transportation problems.  It means that they are not in favor of research, development, and innovation to create a public transportation system that is quick, efficient, cost-effective, and betters the lives of citizens.  Miami is morphing and developing by leaps and bounds into a world-class, global city and DESERVES a new, forward-thinking transportation system benefitting the city into which it is striving to grow.

It also means that MDX is interested pillaging public money to construct more roadways, which means more horrid traffic for everyone.  They can build private roads and highways to nowhere, so long as it makes them money, and the public remains silent and acquiesces to this pillaging.

Who loves MDX?  Construction companies, and all manner of sub-contractors who use their services.  And when your Miami-Dade Commissioner tells you that we “need” MDX to expand congested roadways because it will “create jobs” (really?), do you ask where s/he gets his/her campaign money?

And what does MDX do with all of the data ABOUT YOU they collect when you use your SunPass to use their roadways?  Have you asked your Commissioner about that?

And, WHY has MDX -- a private, for-profit corporation -- been granted a government function to have the County issue TRAFFIC CITATIONS if you don’t use a SunPass and don’t pay their toll-by-plate tolls?  That practice, by ITSELF, is the HUGEST ravishing and group-rape of Miami-Dade County citizens’ rights EVER -- even more than those creepy “red light cameras.”

So just curious:  how do you respond to a rant like this one?  

A.  “Oh, that José.  He always posts such funny things.”  Or, if you’re Latino from a Latin-American country I won’t name, “Ese José.  Que caso.”

B.  “Wow, he really feels strongly about this issue.  But we really can’t do anything.”

C.  “He really makes some valid points, but who has the time and energy to do anything about it?”

D.  “Yeah, I really don’t like MDX, but just like everything else, something else will come along to take its place.”

E.  “This is bullshit.  I’m going to do some research on my own and contact my Commissioner to see what’s up.”